The Cersosimo Lumber Company Forestry & Woodlands staff is responsible for the procurement of 50 million feet of sawlogs annually.  We buy all species native to the northeast with an emphasis on the northern hardwoods.  Red Oak is of primary importance and currently makes up our largest volume of hardwood purchases.  Other predominant species include Sugar Maple, Yellow Birch, Ash, Red Maple, White Birch, Beech and Basswood. The hardwood consumption of the Cersosimo sawmills is approximately 25 million board feet annually.  Our softwood procurement program is devoted exclusively to Eastern White Pine, of which we are buying upwards of 15 million board feet annually. 


We purchase timber from private landowners, municipalities, state forests and watersheds throughout New England and eastern New York. We have a long history of successful operations in the Green Mountain and White Mountain National Forests.  We have extensive experience building logging roads and bridges. Our logging activities can be relied on to meet or exceed the highest standards and requirements of local, state and federal agencies.


Our Forestry & Woodlands staff brings a combined 185 years of practical experience to the job.  Additionally, each member of our staff is fully accredited and is required to participate in a regular program of continuing education. Our staff is actively involved in forestry discussion and policymaking at the state and local levels. Members of our staff are currently serving on local conservation commissions, the NH Forest Advisory Board, the New England Society of American Foresters (NH representative), the Board of Directors of the New Hampshire Timberland Owners Assoc., the NH Timber Harvesting Council, the Board of Directors of the Northeast Loggers Assoc., the Maine Hardwood Council and the Connecticut Forest Advisory Board.


Our Forestry & Woodlands staff is fully prepared and qualified to work with any of the many different entities, both large and small, within the forestry community; non-industrial landowners with questions about the management of their woodlands and ways of achieving their long-term goals; timber owners and other members of the logging industry who have questions about the constantly changing market for their sawlogs;  truckers who are looking for a strong and steady market for the independent loggers they might be hauling for; consulting foresters and agents for landowners who are looking for a safe, secure market for the sawlogs from their clients land.


The Cersosimo Forestry & Woodlands staff is also responsible for management of our company-owned timberlands which presently total approximately 12,000 acres. The majority of our timberlands are enrolled in current use programs and are subject to our own written forest management plans.


Low-grade timber? We maintain large contracts with paper companies for hardwood and softwood pulp. This allows us to offer complete utilization of products from the woodlot.   


 What We Can Do For You

  • Fair and consistent scale by experienced personnel
  • Twice weekly payments by check or ACH transfer
  • Concise and timely paper work
  • Knowledgeable and accessible Forestry & Woodlands staff to answer your questions and help you achieve your goals
  • Trucking assistance through our own fleet of trucks or by the many independent qualified sub-contractors who serve our business
  • Log Road construction and bridge building with Cersosimo equipment and experienced operators utilizing your design or ours

Our goals are to be a reliable, innovative, and a trustworthy partner with the many other participants in the forestry & woodlands community, to help create and maintain a fair and consistent market which provides for all it's participants and to continue our efforts toward a healthy balance of utilization and sustained management of this very important renewable resource.

 For general information contact Woodlands or call our main office 802-254-4508 ext. 154, fax 802-257-1784.                                                                           


Forestry & Woodlands Contacts

  • Brattleboro, VT
  • Hardwick, MA
  • Eric Parenti
  • North Hartland, VT
  • Bethel, VT
  • Mike Rawson
  • Lake Luzerne, NY
  • Warrensburg, NY
  • Eric Parenti
  • Rumney, NH
  • Burlin, NH
  • Bill Caveney



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